"Sabah Tanah Airku Negeri Kita Yang Tercinta 
Pemuda Pemudi Marilah Bersatu Semua"

It is our state national anthem hehe.. well if you translate it with google translate it would be like this..

" Sabah my motherland, our beloved State, Youth Come all together all "

hmm...i dont get it! .. well let's just continue with the reason this page was created.

I have mission to visit all of the places of interest in Sabah but it was not an easy task you know. Haish..sabah has more than 20 districts.. can you imagine that?

My favourite district is Ranau. My father was born and raised in Ranau. So of course i SHOULD love this place eehehe.. and it is only took at least 2 hours by road to Ranau from the city.

Places of interest that we've been visit:

Kundasang Memorial Park
Kg Luanti, Ranau
You can feed and swim with the fish
Mesilau's Dairy Farm

Poring Hotspring

Quailey's Hill. Nalapak
It is a memorial hill of P.O.W

Sabah Tea  Resort, Nalapak Ranau

I think we almost complete the mission except we didnt climb the infamous Gunung Kinabalu yet and o the Mesilau Resort..hmm.. hopefully someday.. but as for now we considered it done :) hehehe

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